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Knowledge Sharing


Anatomy of a Cable

Central Cables Berhad knowledge sharing initiative

An electrical cable is a lifeline to our modern lifestyle. Most often you do not see it but it’s always there working for you 24/7, all your life from the moment you are born into this world. It is used to bring electricity into your homes, powering your fans, lightings, air conditioners, and all other modern lifestyle appliances that we grow so accustomed to. Really. Almost everything runs on electricity nowadays.

Ever wondered what is an electrical cable made of? Or how many types of construction and sizes are there? There are even special cable types which are designed to still operate for a limited duration even when a building is on fire.

So, we will share with you what’s inside a electrical cable, what is the purpose of each layer and how it’s made. Our knowledge sharing series will be divided into several main parts, which is then further divided into smaller sub-sections.


Part 1 – Conductors

Part 2 – Insulation

Part 3 – Cabling / Armoring

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Part 4 – Screening

Part 5 – Outersheath